PowerCivil Training Guide

Learning with Bentley

Chris Grubb (Author), Michael Gilham (Author)
ISBN 0615289363

The PowerCivil Training Guide, published by The CAD Academy, introduces users
to civil engineering through Bentley's PowerCivil application. 
The guide begins with an overview of civil engineering and the math behind it, then details the installation, interface, and configuration of this flexible 2D/3D application for integrated land and local infrastructure development.

It explores the civil engineering project process, starting with the generation of an existing surface Digital Terrain Model. PowerCivil’s unique, object-orientated Modeler surface modeling module is employed to guide users through the surface design component of the project. Scenarios include alignment and roadway design, parking lot and pond grading, and intersection grading made easy.

Finally, plans production consideration and requirements are addressed to provide for the completion of the project cycle.

Complete and in-depth explanations of the terminology, theory, and application of this advanced design toolset make this guide a must-have for all civil engineering designers!

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