Learning MicroStation VBA

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Jerry Winters (Author)
ISBN: 0971414181

As both a comprehensive textbook and workbook, Learning MicroStation VBA serves as an integral part of Bentley Institute programming courses. Whether you are a MicroStation user who simply wants to make your job easier or an experienced programmer who wants to master the nuances of MicroStation VBA, this book is an invaluable resource for learning MicroStation VBA.

  • VBA instruction specifically for design professionals
  • Learn to create short-cuts and standards
  • Requires no programming experience
  • Many working examples with source code
  • Power tips for experienced programmers


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  • • All source code referenced in each chapter of the book
  • • Procedures and addenda to the book
  • • Comprehensive Object Model listing
  • • Other example files such as V8 DGN files, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access databases, and more!



Learning MicroStation VBA provides an in-depth tour for one of the most powerful customization abilities for MicroStation. The book starts by supplying the foundation for understanding VBA basics and then shows how to apply the fundamentals to real-world situations.
Written by a seasoned author and VBA instructor, Learning MicroStation VBA provides full coverage of the VBA subject - taking you through the basics like the editing environment, modules, visual interface, and MicroStation object model through advanced topics like the Windows API, interacting with other applications, and Visual Basic, among many other things.

  • Introduction to VBA
  • Overview of VBA Project Manager
  • Detailed explanation of the VBA interface and help system
  • Modules, forms, and class modules
  • Review of standard VBA calls
  • Using built-in user forms
  • Detailed discussion of MicroStation Object Model
  • Easy-to-follow examples, complete with source code
  • Working the XML, third-party ActiveX controls and other applications, such as Microsoft Excel and Access