Bentley CONNECTIONS Passports and Visas


Bentley CONNECTIONS Passports

Bentley CONNECTIONS Passport subscriptions make licensing desktop applications and mobile apps that access a Bentley server or service easy and cost-effective. For example, a single Bentley CONNECTIONS Passport entitles a named user to access multiple Bentley servers or services, such as ProjectWise Integration Server or eB Insight Services. It also entitles the use of certain Bentley client applications, including ProjectWise Explorer, desktop software like Bentley Navigator, and the many mobile apps Bentley now offers. For a complete list, see the Bentley SELECT Licensing Program Eligibility list for those products with a "yes" in the Bentley CONNECTIONS Passport-enabled column. 

Bentley CONNECTIONS Passports are associated with specific named users; they cannot be pooled or shared. Bentley CONNECTIONS Passports are procured through an annual SELECT subscription or through an organization’s Enterprise License Subscription (ELS). A key advantage for Bentley CONNECTIONS Passport holders is the ability to collaborate on multiple projects and access information on an unlimited number of servers and services.


Bentley Visas enable additional capabilities in desktop applications and through online services. There are a variety of Visas available to provide users with a growing portfolio of capabilities and services, including:

  • Clash Resolution Visa
    A Clash Resolution Visa authorizes users of MicroStation, Bentley Navigator, and many other Bentley applications to access the embedded clash resolution capabilities. A key component of any successful design review workflow is the ability to analyze the accuracy of 3D models to ensure that all components are properly spaced for installation and to avoid costly change orders. The capability to identify and resolve conflicts in the design phase before construction starts reduces risk, improves the quality of models, and lowers costs by avoiding on-site errors that can result from inaccurate design.

  • Schedule Simulation Visa
    A Schedule Simulation Visa authorizes users of MicroStation, Bentley Navigator, and many other Bentley applications to access the embedded ability to perform schedule simulation on models. Schedule simulation provides further insight into critical project planning information by importing, and linking models to, schedule information managed in Microsoft Project, Excel, or Primavera. Schedule simulation enables users to visually explore alternatives and create the most cost-effective and safest construction scenario by visualizing schedule information and animating 3D engineering models based on project schedule data.