Portfolio Balancing

Bentley SELECTserver

Portfolio Balancing Uniquely Sustains the Value of Your Investment in Bentley Licenses

Announced in March 2011, Bentley SELECT’s Portfolio Balancing benefit enables Bentley users to annually reallocate their software investment to match current business needs at no additional cost.

This unique industry-first program allows subscribers to:

Align Business and Software Needs
Subscribers can annually reallocate their software license investment to meet current business requirements. SELECT subscribers have the opportunity to re-evaluate and adjust their portfolio each year on their SELECT anniversary date in order to regularly align their continually changing software and business needs.


Protect Software Investment
Portfolio Balancing enables subscribers to trade software titles based on their full current list price. This equivalent exchange ensures that a subscriber’s portfolio value never depreciates over time, protecting their software investment, perpetually.

Choose from a Comprehensive Software Portfolio
Subscribers can effectively respond to changing client or project demand thanks to its universal applicability. Virtually all of Bentley’s products for architects, engineers, and GIS professionals are eligible for Portfolio Balancing (view a complete list). With Bentley’s comprehensive software portfolio, your investment in Bentley software gives you tremendous flexibility to adapt to your changing project and operational needs.

Portfolio Balancing is a powerful new benefit that recognizes a subscriber’s cumulative investment in Bentley and allows them to reallocate it each year for the products they need. Only Bentley offers this kind of flexibility and investment protection.

Portfolio Balancing Demonstration


Watch this video to learn more about Portfolio Balancing.