Bentley SELECT

Bentley SELECT

Software at your Service

A Bentley SELECT subscription helps organizations of any size optimize productivity and maximize the value of their software investment while eliminating the purchasing barriers to the most effective software utilization so that all Bentley applications are at your service. The SELECT program has two primary offerings which ensure that the right people have access to the best software for every project, wherever and whenever they need it.

SELECT Open Access SELECT Open Access provides any subscriber with unrestricted portfolio-wide access so they can employ the best and most comprehensive mix of Bentley applications for all disciplines for every project. Subscribers also benefit from convenient and cost-effective Quarterly Term Licensing and on-demand and live training in the virtual classroom for new users through Bentley LEARN.
SELECT Enterprise License Subscriptions SELECT Enterprise License Subscription provides greater flexibility and cost savings for large enterprises using Bentley software. The Enterprise License Subscription offers the maximum value for large, multi-office organizations who anticipate continued growth in their use of Bentley's software portfolio of applications, servers, services, and mobile apps through unrestricted portfolio-wide access and Bentley LEARN for every user.

Flexible Licensing

Realize Maximized Software Investment with Flexible Licensing

Need the most from your license investment? SELECT provides users with the right software, at the right time, for the right investment.

Bentley Technical Support

Remain Fully Supported with Access to 24/7/365 Support

Need help? Stay fully supported with expert advice on all Bentley products, when and where it’s needed, and maintain technical self-sufficiency. Access these SELECTsupport resources from SELECTservices.

Bentley software updates

Stay Always Up to Date with Anytime Software Upgrades

Want to stay up to date? You can keep software current according to your schedule with access to any version of your software that you need, whenever you need it, including the latest productivity-enhancing technologies. The latest SELECTseries upgrades are always available for download.

SELECT Brochure

SELECT Brochure

Download a comprehensive program overview to understand all the value a SELECT subscription delivers.

  Watch this 9-minute video overview to see why so many Bentley software users rely
on Bentley SELECT to optimize their productivity and maximize the value of their Bentley software.