Building information modeling (BIM) is a new way of approaching the design and documentation of building projects.

  • Building - the entire lifecycle of the building is considered (design/build/operations)
  • Information - all information about the building and its lifecycle is included
  • Modeling - defining and simulating the building, its delivery, and operation using integrated tools

BIM provides several major advantages over CAD:

BIM Models and manages not just graphics, but also information – information that allows the automatic generation of drawings and reports, design analysis, schedule simulation, facilities management, and more – ultimately enabling the building team to make better-informed decisions.

BIM supports a distributed team so that people, tools, and tasks can effectively share this information throughout the building lifecycle, thus eliminating data redundancy, data re-entry, data loss, miscommunication, and translation errors.

Bentley BIM empowers the design, construction, and operation of all types of buildings and facilities around the world, from the conventional to some of the most inspiring projects of our time.

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