EPANET for Windows - 2.00.12

OS: Win 95/98/NT | Unlimited pipes version | Released: 3/05/08

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EPANET is public domain software developed by USEPA. EPANET can perform steady-state and extended period simulations for networks of junctions, pipes, pumps, valves, and storage structures, calculating flow of water, pressures, tank elevations, concentration of chemical species, water age, and source tracing.

Customize EPANET

Most commercial water distribution modeling applications leverage the EPANET engine through the available Programmer's Toolkit, a dynamic link library (DLL) of functions that allow developers to customize EPANET's computational engine for their own specific needs.

Use the Programmer's Toolkit to develop specialized applications that EPANET does not support in its standard form, such as optimization or automated calibration routines that require running many network analyses as selected input parameters are iteratively modified (i.e., fire flow or criticality analyses) or to create CAD and GIS-integrated models.

Technical support

There is no formal technical support offered by USEPA, but you can register on the Be Communities water forums hosted by Bentley to find quick answers to your EPANET modeling questions.

WaterCAD for Windows - V8i Edition

OS: Win XP/NT2003 | 10-pipe version | Updated: 2/6/09

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Developed by Haestad Methods, Inc. in 1996, WaterCAD is the most popular commercial water distribution modeling package in the industry. Recognized all over the world for its ease of use and convenient scenario management features, WaterCAD includes powerful hydraulic (such as variable speed pumping and pressure dependent demands), criticality, automated fire flow, and water quality modeling tools in a modern stand-alone GIS-type interface.

With Bentley’s acquisition of Haestad Methods in 2004,  you can also choose to run WaterCAD within MicroStation. WaterCAD can also be run within AutoCAD as a paid option.

Customize WaterCAD

Use WaterObjects.NET to create tailored solutions for your organization's unique requirements, using the same programming tools that Bentley developers use every day to build programs such as WaterCAD.

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