STAADPro.V8i - Structural Analysis and Design Software

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Advantages of STAAD.Pro V8i Structural Analysis Software:

  • Extremely Flexible 2D/3D Modeling Environment
    We revolutionized the concurrent use of spreadsheets, a 3D CAD graphical modeler, and a text-based input language editor. With over 40 step-by-step movie tutorials and hundreds of examples and verification problems, even a novice user can become productive in a matter of days.

  • Covers All Aspects of Structural Engineering
    STAAD.Pro V8i is a solution for all types of structures and includes tools designed to aid specific structural engineering tasks. For example, for the bridge engineer, STAAD.beava incorporates a powerful influence surface generator to assist in locating vehicles for maximum effects.

  • Broad Spectra of Design Codes
    Are you tired of using one software to do your 2D/3D modeling, another one for your structural steel design, and yet another one to design your concrete beams, slabs, and foundations? Since the 1980s, STAAD.Pro V8i has encompassed concrete and steel design, making it a true one-stop-shop structural environment.

  • International Coding
    Since its introduction into the market in 1981, STAAD was thrown onto the international scene with its implementation of British codes. Currently, we support over 70 international codes and approximately 20 US codes. Forty-seven out of the top 50 ENR companies actively use STAAD.Pro V8i in their offices worldwide.

  • Interoperability and Open Architecture
    Unlike most structural software, STAAD.Pro V8i can be customized by you to exactly fit your design needs. STAAD.Pro V8i is developed on an open architecture called OpenSTAAD.

  • Quality Assurance
    STAAD.Pro V8i is the only structural analysis software that has gone through ISO 9001 certification and has passed the stringent software validation requirements of the nuclear industry (10CFR Part 50, 10CFR 21 and ASME NQA-1-2000).

  • Extremely Scalable
    STAAD.Pro V8i is best known for its accurate 3D linear static and P-delta analysis of multi-material structures. But did you know that the most powerful and widely used facets of STAAD.Pro V8i are its soil-structure interaction, push-over and dynamic analyses?

  • Reports and Documentation
    STAAD.Pro V8i has one of the most powerful, and customizable, and high quality reports available so that you are able to provide your clients and engineers with exactly the information that is required, whether it is a two page summary of pictures exactly as seen onscreen or complete, fully detailed reports.

  • Technical Support by Structural Engineers
    We want our users to find the easiest way to get their problems solved. STAAD.Pro V8i offers a dynamic website with new tips and tricks and a discussion board for STAAD users around the world.