Bentley Pointools V8i eSeminars

Pre-processing point clouds in Bentley Pointools

An introduction to the free iWare apps, Bentley Pointools View, and Bentley Pointools PODcreator.

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For Organizations New to Bentley Pointools:

eSeminar: Pre-process Point Clouds in the All-new Bentley Pointools V8i

Be among the first to discover the new Bentley Pointools V8i, a stand-alone software application for selecting, editing, and segmenting the largest point-cloud models, in a time-effective manner, for distribution and reuse.

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Existing Pointools Users:

eSeminar: Top Reasons to Upgrade to the All-new Bentley Pointools V8i

Existing users of Pointools Edit, Pointools Suite, or Pointools ViewPro will discover the new Bentley Pointools V8i and learn what to expect in the next version and why they should upgrade their existing Pointools license.

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