Construction Webinars

Constructech magazine and Bentley Systems are proud to offer a series of informative, one-hour webinars on key technology topics in construction. Designed for professionals involved in the construction of all types of infrastructure projects – from bridges and buildings to roads and refineries – these webinars are a convenient way to learn more about advances in technology and best practices to reduce risk and improve success.

A New Paradigm in Project Visibility and Work Packaging for EPC Firms – Friday, January 10, 2014: 12:00 p.m. EST

While WorkFace Planning has become an industry best practice, it remains challenging to implement. Tedious manual processes are still the norm, and there’s simply not enough visibility into projects that are constantly changing. If done properly, however, the payoff is enormous. The Construction Industry Institute noted that with work packaging (splitting projects into deliverable pieces), there is better morale on projects, improved safety statistics, up to 25 percent improvement in productivity, and a 4 to 10 percent decrease in total installed cost. In this webinar, Bentley will demonstrate how work packaging can be automated – particularly for EPC firms constructing large plant projects – along with the aggregation of key construction information and real-time visualization and insight into project status.

Mobile Apps Expanding Productivity in Construction

While technology can substantially reduce risk in construction, its value can be dramatically enhanced if it can be leveraged by personnel in the field in a mobile manner. Fortunately, the iPad and other mobile devices have entered the mainstream and have made enhanced construction field productivity and efficiency a reality by making the “hand off” of information more “hands on.” In this session, Bentley will demonstrate a number of mobile apps that have been completely engineered for the form factor of a tablet and that include specific features and functionality to support construction workflows.


Accelerating Teaming with Construction Collaboration

In this webinar, Bentley will demonstrate ProjectWise – the global standard for infrastructure project collaboration that is used by construction firms worldwide for work sharing, content re-use, and dynamic feedback – including how construction personnel can quickly find, share, and interact with diverse engineering content to streamline projects and reduce risk.

Managing Risk in Construction

In this first session in Bentley's Construction webinars, longtime construction executive Steve Jolley will discuss the many contributors to construction risk as well as technologies to reduce this risk and improve safety and efficiency.

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