Leading firms use information modeling for building success. Success in exceeding objectives for performance, cost, quality, sustainability, aesthetics, and more.

Seamlessly integrating disciplines and optimizing building performance through analysis and simulation results in better buildings and projects.

Bentley’s multi-disciplinary information modeling for building teams provides the power to model anything, to seamlessly integrate disciplines and to accelerate teaming on projects, all of which translates into building success.

Information Modeling for Multidisciplinary Building Teams

Market-leading software from Bentley, including the ProjectWise system of collaboration servers and services and the new AECOsim information modeling software, will help you by uniquely providing:

  • Streamlined multidisciplinary coordination
    through an interdisciplinary environment with a consistent interface and common tools for all disciplines
  • The ability to model anything
    with an industrial-strength modeling environment purpose-built to support highly complex projects of virtually any scale
  • Immersive interaction with 3D models and 2D designs
    to understand and interact with designs more naturally with interrelated design information presented within 3D context
  • Trusted deliverables that consistently communicate design intent
    from a unifying production environment to create precise drawings, information-rich 3D PDFs, and 3D plots
  • Performance simulation of designs
    including life-like rendering, compelling animations, and built-in clash resolution
  • Comprehensive range and richness of engineering geometry and data
    from an unmatched variety of CAD software and engineering formats
  • Software that is integrated-project-ready
    for teams to easily and effortlessly “build as one,” without barriers, across the building’s lifecycle

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