AECO Information Management and Project Collaboration Software

ProjectWise is the only project collaboration and information software developed explicitly for the design and construction of architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) of infrastructure projects. ProjectWise provides scalable, industry-proven, advantages in work-sharing, content re-use, and dynamic feedback. ProjectWise is the system of choice for 25 of the ENR Top 25 Design Firms, 44 of the ENR Top 50 Design Firms, 81 of the ENR Top 100 Design Firms, 29 of the ENR Top 50 Design-Build Firms, 249 of the Bentley Infrastructure 500 Top Owners, and the majority of U.S. state departments of transportation.

Work-SharingContent Re-UseDynamic Feedback

Why Use ProjectWise?
It’s well understood that as much as 40 percent of an engineer’s working day can be spent on looking for and validating specific information and files for use, and in ensuring that the results of the work are properly communicated and distributed. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, how many times have:

  • Your teams sent design files that were too large – or which reviewers couldn’t open because of the file format?
  • The inherently complex relationships among files in your engineering content been broken, endangering project quality and schedules?
  • You struggled to get stakeholder feedback faster and more frequently during design and construction, or perhaps even lost valuable feedback that later resulted in costly change orders?

Bentley now offers Instant-On
With ProjectWise Essentials Services, we are delivering a cloud-based environment for immediate access to ProjectWise.  Now companies of all sizes can achieve true information mobility for key stakeholders and project participants. Learn More