Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Data Management and Reporting Software

gINT Geotechnical Lab Testing

Atterberg Limits, Sieve Analysis Test Capabilities, and More

For powerful, flexible geotechnical data management and reporting software that can create customized reports for sieve analysis, Atterberg limits test, and much more, look no further. gINT software supports the following geotechnical testing reports, graphs, and charts:

  • Sieve analysis tests
  • Atterberg limits tests (liquid and plastic limits)
  • Moisture content
  • Density determination (cylindrical method)
  • Hydrometer analysis
  • Fine specific gravity
  • Compaction (proctor) tests
  • Unconfined compression
  • Consolidation
  • Direct shear
  • Falling head permeability
  • California bearing ratio (CBR) (free download)
  • Concrete testing (free download)

Just enter the raw data, and gINT performs the calculations.

gINT quickly and easily integrates lab testing results with other subsurface data for display on borehole logs, fence diagrams, site maps, and more. Users can take advantage of fully customizable geotechnical lab testing report styles – including Atterberg limits and sieve analysis – to create just the right report.

Atterberg Limits Tests

All test reports are fully customizable in gINT. The report below is just an example of the many reports that can be generated for Atterberg limits tests.

gINT Atterberg limits test

Atterberg limits graph

Sieve Analysis Testing

Below is an example of the sieve analysis testing reports that can be created with gINT software. Please note that this report automatically combines the results of the sieve analysis tests and hydrometer analysis tests into one curve.

gINT sieve analysis report

Sieve analysis graph

Automatic Calculations for Reports, Graphs, and Charts

gINT can run calculations on raw lab data, saving painstaking hours of number-crunching. All final calculations are recorded in the gINT database for future use, eliminating the need for redundant data entry.

Once raw lab data is entered, resulting calculations can be used in any type of report. For example, Atterberg limits results can be included on a borehole log, fence diagram, graph, histogram, table, or summary report.

The following samples of lab reports are included with standard gINT reports. Note that these reports require gINT Professional or gINT Professional Plus.

gINT Consolidation test report

Consolidation test graph

gINT index properties graph

Index properties graph

gINT compaction test graph

Compaction test graph

gINT histogram


gINT lab summary

Lab summary table