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Water Distribution Modeling and Management  


WaterCAD is a robust and comprehensive water distribution modeling program that can be customized with additional modeling platforms and modules as your modeling requirements grow.

Included and Available Interfaces

WaterCAD includes, out-of-the-box, two interoperable platforms, letting you choose the environment that best fits your skills and modeling requirements.

1. Windows stand-alone: Enjoy unparalleled ease-of-use and versatility, multiple background support, advanced thematic mapping, powerful element symbology features, and conversion utilities from CAD, GIS, and databases.

2. Run in MicroStation: Support for MicroStation is included at no additional cost; seamlessly use every WaterCAD feature within MicroStation's powerful engineering design and geospatial environment.

AutoCAD users:
WaterCAD's award-winning AutoCAD interface is available as an add-on feature so you can directly leverage AutoCAD's drafting tools with your WaterCAD models.

ArcGIS users: Upgrade your WaterCAD license to WaterGEMS to unlock the impressive ArcGIS integration features. WaterGEMS also includes a stand-alone environment, runs in MicroStation and AutoCAD, and includes all WaterCAD add-on modules.

WaterCAD Add-On Modules

Enhance your productivity with specialized modules for calibration, optimized design, network simplification, and water security.

Model calibration | Darwin Calibrator
A calibrated model empowers you to make reliable decisions based on results that truly reflect your real world system. Darwin Calibrator supports the entire calibration process significantly reducing manual trial-and-error work.


Optimized design | Darwin Designer
Sound design and rehabilitation for water infrastructure often involves time-consuming workflows. Darwin Designer evaluates thousands of alternatives that meet your hydraulic requirements, recommending those that minimize capital investment.


Network simplification | Skelebrator
Simplifying or skeletonizing your model to different levels of complexity allows you to efficiently tackle a wider range of engineering applications. Skelebrator helps you to remove network complexity while maintaining network connectivity and hydraulic equivalence.


SCADA integration | SCADAConnect
Use SCADAConnect to link WaterGEMS or WaterCAD with your Supervisory, Control, and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, creating real-time system simulators that boost your confidence in models as reliable decision-support tools.


Downloads, Specifications, and Support

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