Bentley's Haestad Methods Stormwater Drainage

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StormCAD | Storm sewer network design and analysis
Available in standalone, AutoCAD, PowerCivil, and MicroStation versions, StormCAD is a comprehensive storm sewer design and modeling application with unparalleled ease of use and productivity tools.
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CivilStorm | Stormwater conveyance dynamic modeling
Available in stand-alone, AutoCAD, and MicroStation interfaces, CivilStorm features comprehensive fully-dynamic modeling
for stormwater systems, from catchment to outfall. 
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PondPack | Detention pond design and analysis
Easily design ponds, and submit agency-ready reports with the FEMA-approved PondPack. Available in standalone, AutoCAD, PowerCivil, and MicroStation versions, PondPack saves you hours of manual calculation time analyzing pre- and post- development hydrology. What's new in PondPack?

FlowMaster | Open channel, weir, inlet and pipe calculator
Use FlowMaster to quickly perform hydraulic calculations for dozens of element types, from pipes and open channels, to drop inlets and weirs.
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CulvertMaster | Culvert and culvert system calculator
The FEMA-approved CulvertMaster is a flexible, fast, and
stress-free culvert design and analysis tool. Analyze multiple
barrels, special tailwater considerations, and roadway overtopping.
Prevent stormwater flooding


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