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Bentley's Integrated Structural Offerings Case Studies


Evergreen Community Power Plant, Pennsylvania

The $70 million Evergreen Community Power (ECP) plant is biomass-fueled with a 300,000-pounds-per-hour circulating fluidized bed boiler and 33-megawatt steam turbine. A tremendous amount of time saved integrating STAAD.Pro and AutoPLANT. Even with the learning curve on Bentley software,  ESI saved about two months of work using 3D modeling to design the ECP plant.

STAAD.Pro and MX

Bangalore International Airport

New Greenfield airport to handle 27 aircarft per hour and serve about 7.5 million passengers each year. Approximately three months of time savings were gained using MX and STAAD.Pro. Due to significant changes, the tight deadline could be met with use of MX and STAAD.Pro. The integration of Bentley products allowed several designers to coordinate their work and meet the deadline.

RAM Structural System and Structural Modeler

JDI Group’s Analysis Ensures Zoo Exhibit Withstands Highly Unusual Force

The Portico Group, Seattle, Wash., the lead architect on the Toledo (Ohio) Zoo Elephant Exhibit Renovation Project, contracted with the JDI Group of Holland, Ohio, to engineer the structural elements for an elephant shade structure. The man-made tree not only had to withstand wind forces and snow loading, but also the impact of a full-grown bull elephant ramming the trunk. Bentley’s RAM Elements was the software of choice to handle these complex and unusual load calculations quickly and easily.

RAM Structural System Cuts PEC’s Total Design and Revision Time Almost in Half

Professional Engineering Consultants, Ltd., (PEC) is a small engineering firm specializing in low- to mid-rise commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Located in Amman, Jordan, the 15- to 20-person office serves clients in the Middle East, where owners are notorious for shopping around for the best pricing on available materials after a design concept has been approved. It is not unusual for a client’s material selections to significantly alter the building design, so being able to make changes quickly and easily is crucial.

Nissan Americas Corporate Facility, Tennessee

This project included the planning and design of a new 11-story, 550,000 square-foot office building with a demanding schedule.

To save time and reduce errors during design, GS&P used the intra-operability features of Bentley’s RAM Structural System program and TriForma (now Structural Modeler) 3D software to automatically generate the structural steel framing plans for the entire building.

The Elements Livingston

The Elements is a £90 million extension to the Almondvale Shopping Center in Livingston, Scotland, consisting of six new buildings linked by a high-quality mall covered by a lightweight EFTE free form fabric roof. The biggest challenge was to produce a large amount of accurate production information on a very tight timescale so on-site work and steelwork fabrication could commence.

Arup used Structural Modeler, formerly Bentley Structural, mainly for its ability to link with Bentley’s RAM Structural System, which allowed Arup to go straight from analysis models to 3D Structural Modeler models.

2007 Be Award Finalist


ProSteel Helps PDC Consultants Cut the Production of 2D Review Drawings by 50 Percent

PDC Consultants is an Australian engineering design and drafting company serving the mining, oil and gas, processing, and industrial sectors worldwide. The company has developed an advanced 3D modeling process that integrates the leading technologies to enable full clash detection in the final design of a project. The process includes Bentley’s ProSteel 3D modeling software for structural steel detailing and fabrication, which cut the production of 2D review drawings by 50 percent in the design and detailing phase of a $1.5 billion project for the international mining group Rio Tinto.

Pilbara Iron Ore and Infrastructure Project – Cloudbreak Ore Handling, Australia

PDC provided all mechanical and structural shop detailing and modeling for a screening building with 11 product and scalping screen bins, a crushing building with bins and chutes, a stockpile facility, a train loadout facility with bins and chutes, 11 conveyers and associated transfer stations, and a desanding building.

The project was completed using ProSteel to model and detail the more complex mechanical items, such as bins, curved trusses, transfer chutes, and liner systems.


GMI SA Ingenieros Consultores Saves $50,000 in Water System Design Costs, Enhances Efficency of Workflows Using Bentley Software

"Bentley technology enabled us to easily perform all the special calculations required for the project, where on previous projects we had to contract with external consultants in order to deliver these engineering services," said Esteban Rios Pita, mechanical engineer with GMI S.A., in charge of the engineering portion of the project. "In addition, Bentley software allowed us to check design results more directly."

AutoPIPE and STAAD.Pro

AutoPIPE at Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL)
"QAL has been using AutoPIPE for six years now to design modifications to the plant to reduce the excessive loads on pumps, nozzles and supports, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs,” stated Brian Lloyd, Senior Mechanical Engineer with QAL.

Recognizing the importance of integrated structural and piping analysis to capture more accurate, realistic and safer engineered designs, Brian Lloyd said this about QAL's recent purchase of STAAD.Pro,“We have started to use the integrated structural and piping solution and finding significant changes have to be made to both the piping and structural designs to make it safe. And now with STAAD, plan to improve this design process."