Publishing Solutions for Accurate and Intelligent Project Deliverables

Publishing Solutions

ProjectWise InterPlot provides teams with publishing solutions for creating accurate and intelligent deliverables.

It is ideal for users that need to batch or schedule production of paper deliverables and/or electronic and intelligent work packages from CAD files and Microsoft Office documents.

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Technical Requirements

ProjectWise InterPlot improves the quality of work packages by centralizing the production plotting and electronic archival process.

The Problem

When collaborating and sharing content, all work is “in progress” and subject to change. To capture or review a point in time, drawings need to be renditioned, versioned, compared, commented upon, and archived.

The Product

ProjectWise InterPlot automates this manual, repetitive, process to produce paper and intelligent PDF renditions from drawings and Office documents. Using common interfaces and settings, print sets are published on demand or via workflow events.

The Possibilities

With ProjectWise InterPlot you can benefit from space-saving digital storage, design compare, scaled plotting and measuring from a Web browser, document bookmarks, redlining tools for adding comments, and custom support for the wide-format printers you care about most.

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Streamline Productivity

Improve Repeatability

Create Work Packages

Intelligent Deliverables

Increase Profitability

Licensing Options

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Considering Connected Solutions (PDF)

Globalization has changed the way organizations work by introducing opportunities to collaborate on projects from the other side of the world. But with this new opportunity comes age old challenges. See how firms are overcoming those challenges to connect people and information and share work.

ProjectWise InterPlot Driver Pack (PDF)

Bentley offers a variety of Microsoft Windows printer drivers for printing to the most popular wide-format printers—including those manufactured by Hewlett-Packard, KIP, Océ, RICOH, and Xerox—and for creating files in industry-standard raster formats like TIFF, JPEG and CALS. Bentley drivers are completely integrated with the Microsoft Windows printing system and can easily be added to your existing plotting workflow.

PDF Composer Example (PDF)

MicroStation PDF Composer provides a secure, compact, always readable format for project delivery. Package an entire AEC project—including MicroStation and AutoCAD drawings, specifications, and Microsoft Office files—into a single PDF document with the touch of a button. PDF documents generated with MicroStation PDF Composer are interactive and include searchable text, security options, and level and file information.

ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer Example (PDF)

ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer publishes compound and linked documents to PDF to create a secure, compact, always readable format for project delivery. With ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer, users can package an entire AEC project into a single PDF document as a batch or scheduled process. PDF documents generated with using ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer are interactive and include searchable text, security options, and level and file information.

Features and Capabilities

Multi-format support

  • CAD formats: MicroStation DGN, AutoCAD DWG
  • Industry-standard raster files
  • Microsoft Office formats
  • Adobe PDF
  • Output to Microsoft Windows printer drivers and InterPlot drivers
  • Direct output for digital offline content like Adobe PDF, DPR, TIFF, JPG, or CALS digital formats

Multiple print interfaces

  • Common dialog interfaces for both MicroStation and AutoCAD
  • Organizer interface for batch printing
  • Command line interfaces for batch submissions

Batch Plotting

  • Multi-format set creation from CAD, Microsoft Office, Raster, and PDF formats
  • Automatically apply common project settings for more efficient set creation
  • Save and maintain pre-defined sets for future reuse
  • Plot entire sets or a select set immediately with a simple print command
  • On-demand re-plot of saved sets

Custom Presentation

  • Control element style and plot order at plot time
  • Text substitution for information such as time, date, file path, and username
  • Text extraction for attribute information
  • Element definition, including custom line style definition, element display order control, and area-fill of closed elements with a specified color or pattern
  • Apply audio, video, bookmarks, internal PDF document links, Web URL Links, and attachments
  • Exploit ProjectWise Component information for the styling, creation of bookmarks, navigation aides, and additional component information

Content Rich PDF Output

  • Publish your specifications from the same interface you publish your drawings to produce a more complete set of deliverables in one file
  • Navigate from drawings to specifications by including PDF navigation aids such as bookmarks and links
  • Navigation aids such as hyperlinks, bookmarks, and searchable text as well as including non-PDF file attachments make the PDF more discoverable
  • Security options include placing of digital signatures fields and applying digital rights for password file protection, rights to edit, and rights to print

Digital Archiving

  • Fully rendered plot viewing and printing
  • Device-independent and multi-sheet printing
  • Scaled plots
  • View manipulation tools (Zoom, Pan, Fit, Rotate, Window definition)
  • Productivity tools (Measure, Bookmark, Copy)
  • File display control (File and Level information display on/off)

Detailed Design Comparisons

  • Ability to graphically compare two plots at different states
  • Identification of deleted, added, and modified elements
  • User-defined display preferences

Expandable Solution

  • Can be stored and used from the managed environment when used with ProjectWise Integration Server plot related files such as plot sets
  • ProjectWise Distribution Service used with ProjectWise InterPlot automates digital plot creation and storage based on design changes or document state
  • ProjectWise Publishing Server enables Dynamic Design Comparisons and Redlining for DGN and DWG formats

Plot Tracking

  • Error reporting for easy trouble-shooting
  • Accounting for activity reporting per output device
  • Ability to export activity data to be used by applications such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel

Full Featured Printer Drivers

  • Integrated with the Windows Print System to support printing from Bentley applications as well as other Windows applications
  • Enhanced printer controls to set advanced document property settings to control print behavior
  • Efficient printing of engineering drawing as well as high-density raster files, including transparency
  • Support for wide range of small and wide-format print devices manufactured from Hewlett-Packard, KIP, Oce, Ricoh, and Xerox

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