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ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server

Enable More Predictable and Productive Construction Projects Using Work Packaging Methodologies

Construction projects are more complex than ever, enduring overruns in cost and schedule, disconnects between engineering and construction technology and processes, lack of insight into the current status and progress of the project, excessive downtime and labor inefficiencies, and more. With so many moving parts, it’s no wonder that profitability, productivity, and safety are so elusive.

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By using ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server, constructors can overcome these issues and be able to:

  • Lower total install cost by decreasing down time, reducing craft labor hours, and better aligning engineering and construction
  • Enable predictability by better anticipating project changes and removing constraints
  • Reduce risk by gaining understanding into the precise state of the project through improved visibility
  • Increase profitability by streamlining information management and reducing management staff
  • Improve owner satisfaction by providing unprecedented insight into real-time project performance
  • Expand safety by better organizing resources and more effectively communicating with and informing supervisors and crews

Better Construction Outcomes through Industry-standard Practices
Work packaging isn’t new. In its simplest form, it’s about breaking down construction into manageable tasks – and it’s done on all projects, even if it’s not specifically referred to in such a manner. The problem is that the process is done differently by each company and on each project. It’s not repeatable, and it’s that very inconsistency from project-to-project that helps breed inefficiency. 

For this reason, the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) established work packaging standards. And when testing this methodology on live projects, they were found to increase safety and reduce total install cost by as much as 10 percent.

ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server is the industry’s first technology for effectively implementing these work packaging industry standards and methods. Based on Bentley’s experience providing work packaging technology for over 150 individual projects, it now allows work packaging to be done at an enterprise level, across projects, and enhances your existing systems and workflows to make more consistent, predictable construction possible through:

  • Comprehensive Construction Information Management – Consolidate project engineering data – regardless of source – and allow it to be leveraged across platforms for better decision-making
  • Automated Work Packaging – Easily generate, manage, and distribute work packages using the most up-to-date and interrelated information to eliminate inefficiency and maximize productivity
  • Holistic Project Dashboard and Reporting – Deliver real-time insight into the precise status of the project to keep project stakeholders continually up-to-date and in-the-loop
  • Immersive Planning – Interact with a Virtual Construction Model (VCM) in the proven ConstructSim application to visualize status and more easily and accurately plan work priorities and installation sequences

Relationship and Change Awareness – Benefiting EPCs, General Contractors, and Owners
ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server also facilitates improved understanding of the impact of change on interrelated aspects of the project, so adjustments can be made before issues occur.

And it also allows owners to better measure CAPEX performance and improve oversight of their contractors through better insight into real-time project performance.


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