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SSOE successfully uses 3D modeling, promotes quality, and helps to control costs and maintain construction schedule

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PlantSpace Equipment

MicroStation Based 3D Mechanical Equipment Modeling

Bentley PlantSpace Equipment enables you to place different types of equipment quickly and efficiently. Nozzle Manager is a tool that places nozzles on the equipment at the proper location and orientation, then allows easy modifications. Any MicroStation cell or AutoCAD block can be used to create a custom piece of equipment.



Technical Requirements

Bentley PlantSpace Design Series provides a full range of intelligent 3D modeling applications for the engineering and design process of process plants and discrete manufacturing. Built on top of MicroStation and MicroStation TriForma, you have a full suite of tools to produce documentation required to assist in the engineering, construction, and maintenance of the plant.

Design Series provides you with a consistent interface between design modules that operates without live links to a database. JSpace, the object-orientated technology, is the basis on which the Bentley PlantSpace family of application software is built.

Using Design Series, you can also

  • Generate deliverables from an object model, such as Isometrics, material take-off lists, and bills of materials.
  • Produce Orthographic drawings using the TriForma Drawing Extraction Manager.
  • Use TriForma interference detection using the Detection module of the Bentley Interference Manager.
  • Generate input files for stress analysis programs.

Design Series uses component-based storage of data from your project database through the Model Control System (MCS).

Bentley PlantSpace is based on JSpace, a proven and time-tested object orientated technology, and MicroStation, a proven and tested 3D CAD engine. The resulting models are DGN based, and can be referenced to any other DGN file produced by the hundreds of applications provided by Bentley or 3rd party.

Bentley PlantSpace utilizes a component based storage system called Model Control System (MCS) which allows for a designer to check out what is required to work on and no more. The MCS system also allows for work sharing between offices around the world.

Bentley PlantSpace supports the creation of orthographic drawings (plans, elevations, and sections), automatic Isometrics drawings from either ALIAS ISOGEN or PlantSpace Isometrics.

See what’s new in Bentley PlantSpace Equipment.

Bentley PlantSpace products are used around the world on projects ranging from small retrofits and expansions to large, full-scale facility design and construction:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical
  • Water/ Wastewater
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pulp and PaperLife Sciences
  • Offshore

Owner-operators and EPCs use Bentley PlantSpace products in support of all phases of the plant lifecycle.



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