MicroStation’s Google Earth Tools Integration

MicroStation V8i

MicroStation users: Publish DGN and DWG models from your desktop to the Google Earth 2D/3D environment. Zoom to any place on the planet with the touch of a button.



MicroStation is the first single-point solution to publish geospatially located 2D/3D models complete with 2D GIS data directly to the Google Earth environment.

Gain a new perspective

Think of the Google Earth connection from MicroStation as grounding design by placing the project in situ and allowing teams to gain a new perspective on MicroStation projects.

"In the Google Earth environment 3D models are cool
and Bentley is leading the charge at the professional end."
Martyn Day, publishing director, EDA Ltd

MicroStation users can now publish projects to the most relevant environment for review and to reach a wider audience.


  • Hyperlink between documents, drawings and spreadsheets
  • Publish saved views from MicroStation to the Google Earth environment
  • Incorporate geospatial mapping and utilities information in the 3D model
  • Add 2D drawings and other high resolution raster overlays
  • Evaluate design options using switchable level structures
  • Augment imagery with digital terrain modeling (DTM)
  • Gain greater insight using transparency

Hear Ray Bentley discuss the inspiration
behind and development of Google Earth Tools


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