ConstructSim V8i - Lean Construction Scheduling, Managment and Simulation

Workface Planning and Virtual Construction Model Software
for ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server

ConstructSim is a powerful virtual construction simulation application that complements ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server by providing additional capabilities for Workface Planning on large industrial projects – including creating a valuable virtual construction model (VCM) and automating the creation of installation work packages (IWPs).

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ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server provides construction information management, automated construction work packaging, and holistic project reporting and insight services to allow constructors to implement advanced work packaging – a process that the Construction Industry Institute (CII) has reported can increase safety and decrease total install costs by up to 10 percent. By adding the ConstructSim application to this server, additional capabilities and benefits are enabled – such as unparalleled graphic visibility into project status and the ability to extend work package automation down to the installation level.

Visually defining work packages and project status provides constructors with an unprecedented level of management control over construction planning by allowing them to plan work priorities and installation sequences more easily, quickly, and accurately.

For example, using ConstructSim’s virtual construction model, an installation work package that typically requires three to eight hours of effort can be completed in less than 10 minutes, and an entire schedule priority area can be completed in two hours. Plus, changes and revisions can be accurately tracked and work packs updated accordingly.

Having been successfully used on megaprojects worldwide since 2001, clients that have implemented ConstructSim V8i and workflow methodology for Workface Planning have experienced savings ranging from 1 to 5 percent of the total installed cost of the project.

By adding the ConstructSim application module to ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server, constructors can further improve risk mitigation, safety, productivity, and profitability.



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