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Bentley Raceway and Cable Management - Electrical 3D Cad Design Software for Raceway, Conduit, and Cable Tray Design and Routing

Electrical 3D CAD Software for Raceway, Conduit, and Cable Tray Design and Routing

Designing complex raceway and cable systems used to require multiple software products to handle the wide range of design and documentation tasks typically involved. Today, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management improves design efficiency by providing complete layout, routing, and material estimating functions in a single, integrated system for raceways, cable trays, conduits, and the cables that run through them. It creates the framework for an effective workflow spanning all phases of the design, from initial concept to detailed layout and construction deliverables, saving time and reducing costs.

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  • Integrated raceway design and cable management for efficient workflow
  • Parametric raceway engine with multi-tier raceway placement option
  • Duct bank and cable trench design and documentation tools
  • Conceptual design mode for early routing and space estimates
  • Detailed 3D design for accurate visualization and quantity take-offs
  • Automatic and manual cable routing based on user definable cable segregation criteria (e.g. voltage level)
  • Automatic report generation: bill of materials, cable schedules, cable pull cards, and more
  • Automatic 2D drawing extraction and section cuts from 3D model
  • Automatic cable fill and weight calculations
  • Different cable routing methods: single layer, multi layer, triangular, single layer with user defined spacing, maximum number of cables per raceway
  • Conduit fill calculations using National Electric Code rules

Many large infrastructure projects require raceway and cable systems to handle communication, control, and power requirements. Designing such systems is a complex undertaking, and until now there was no single software system that could cover the range of tasks involved. Bentley Raceway and Cable Management provides an integrated software system that includes 3D design and modeling of raceways, cable trays, and conduit systems, as well as routing and managing the cables that run through these systems.

Conceptual Design Facilitates Early Project Planning

Bentley Raceway and Cable Management features a conceptual design mode for a project’s early stages. Users can define equipment nodes in the facility, assign equipment tags to the nodes, and define the required raceway routes to connect them. Automatic raceway sizing takes into account the number and type of cables routed between each equipment node. Users can generate bills of quantity for placing early orders and can also provide material and space estimates to other disciplines collaborating on the overall facility design. As additional information becomes available, it is easy to update the conceptual design. Data can be transferred at any time to the 3D detailed design mode.

Detailed Design Enables Accurate 3D Layouts

The detailed design mode allows the user to create an accurate 3D model of the raceway system. Intelligent drawing functions allow raceway sections to be placed and manipulated quickly and easily. With multi-routing, users can place multiple parallel raceways simultaneously. The user can filter the raceway display by categories such as voltage level, making it easier to visualize complex installations.

Users can also place and configure electrical equipment, including the layout of devices inside each cabinet. This facilitates accurate cable length calculation and cable connection information.

Each object in the model is linked to the parts database, providing accurate component data. The 3D model makes it easy to ensure that adequate space and clearances are available, preventing costly construction delays. Underground systems such as cable trenches are also supported. Users can automatically extract 2D construction deliverables from the detailed design.

Cable Routing Functions Save Time

As cables are defined between two equipment nodes, the software can automatically determine the best route through the existing raceways. This routing takes into account not only distance, but also the types of cables that are permitted in each raceway and the available capacity and weight that can be carried by the raceways. Users can quickly determine when the size or number of raceways needs to be adjusted. Both manual and automatic cable routing is supported with user-definable routing constraints.

Automatic Report Generation Helps Keep Projects on Schedule

At any point in the conceptual or detailed design process, the user can automatically generate output including bills of quantity, bills of material, raceway schedules, cable schedules, and cable pull cards. The ability to quickly generate accurate material estimates is vital for placing orders in a timely manner to keep projects on schedule.

Integration With Other Bentley Products Allows for Collaboration and Effective Use of Design Data

Bentley Raceway and Cable Management can exchange data with other Bentley products to eliminate data re-entry. For example, cables defined in Bentley Substation can be brought into Bentley Raceway and Cable Management without re-entering cable tags and connection information, saving time and preventing errors.

With its powerful set of intelligent functions, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management allows users to complete their projects quickly, efficiently, and with fewer errors.



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