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Bentley MXROAD

String-based Modeling for Road and Highway Design

Rapid, Accurate Design of All Road Types in 3D

Bentley MXROAD is an advanced, string-based modeling tool that enables the rapid and accurate design of all road types. With MXROAD you can quickly create design alternatives to achieve the “ideal” road system. Upon selection of the final design alternative, MXROAD automates much of the design detailing process, saving the user time and money.

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Technical Requirements

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At its core, MXROAD uses 3D string modeling technology – a proven, powerful, and concise method of creating any 3D surface. Localized in all key markets, MXROAD has an interoperable database that allows engineers to create and annotate 3D project models in the most popular CAD platforms and in a stand-alone version which has fully functional, high-quality CAD tools built in.

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) creation and analysis, full alignment, road and junction design capability, 2D and 3D drainage design, volume and quantity extraction, 2D and 3D PDF creation, integration with Google Earth, and automated production of contract drawings complete a tool set that allows MXROAD users to feel confident tackling the design of any type of road, large or small.

Who Uses

  • Civil engineers and designers
  • Professional surveyors
  • Geotechnical engineers
  • Storm drainage and water/sewer system designers
  • Civil engineering consultants
Organization types
  • Civil engineering firms
  • Municipal engineering organizations
  • Surveying companies
  • Land and site developers
  • Landscape design
  • Departments of transportation (DOT)
  • National highway organizations
  • Design/build companies



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