Design and Document Inside Plant for Communications Networks

What's New in Bentley Inside Plant V8i
Persistence Modes
Support for DGN persistence mode or Oracle Spatial/Locator persistence mode. The DGN persistence mode stores and maintains all the graphical information in DGN files and non-graphical information in an Oracle database while the Spatial/Locator persistence mode saves the graphical and non-graphical information in Oracle Spatial/Locator.

Oracle Spatial Transaction Mode
Oracle Workspace Manager is supported for short or long transactions. 


In short transaction mode, work is executed in a temporary version without altering the as-built database. When the design session has ended, the modifications can be posted back to the live/as-built database or they can be discarded.


In long transaction mode, the project can be kept in a version as long as needed and posted back to the as-built database whenever the operator deems it necessary.  Both pessimistic and optimistic locking is supported in this mode.

Bentley Map
Bentley Map functionality is now included such as; spatial analysis, map generation, print preparation, multiple map projection support, coordinate conversion and interoperability with different data and drawing sources.  A development framework utilizing the Geospatial Administrator is also included.

Concurrent Usage
All Bentley communications products (Bentley Copper, Bentley Fiber, Bentley Coax, and Bentley Inside Plant) can work together within the same user environment or working session. This is true for both Oracle Spatial/Locator and DGN persistence modes.

MSLink Ranges
MSLink block ranges for files are no longer used. A block range per project, however, is still required.

Feature layers names are now used (as opposed to numbered levels). 

Bentley Communications annotation features are now intelligent and utilize the MicroStation text style capability to increase the functionality.

Mapping Tool
The existing mapping tool has been completely remodeled to use the XFM placement method. The mapping functionalities are now easily customizable with the Geospatial Administrator application provided with Bentley Map.

Custom Attributes
A revised custom attribute scheme has been added to the product to facilitate adding user-defined properties to features.

Schema Customization
With Bentley Map’s Geospatial Administrator, users can also add their own features with properties to the schema and these user-defined features live seamlessly alongside communication’s features.

Single Sign-On
Bentley Communications products now offer the Single Sign-On option to connect to Oracle using Microsoft user authentication and authorization.  

Import/Export Application
A revised Import/Export application has been included in the product to import and export DGN XFM files to external users.  This feature is only available with DGN persistence mode. 

External Document Attachment
External documents (.JPG, .PDF, .TXT, .DOC, etc) can now be attached to most features.

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