Design and Document Inside Plant for Communications Networks

Bentley Inside Plant allows you to define, configure, and place equipment in racks and floor plans that visually depict the precise layout of the facility. Floor plans can be created with MicroStation or imported from other sources. Administrators define a detailed library of frames (racks), equipment, slots, cards, and ports to be used in the design along with comprehensive set of validation and design rules. Engineers work in a user-friendly environment in which front and back elevation views are automatically created and equipment can be placed or moved within the rack by simply dragging and dropping it to a new position. When used with Bentley Fiber, the end-to-end network connectivity from outside to inside plant is maintained, allowing the network to be traced from port to customer.

Bentley Inside Plant can generate time-saving reports such as equipment specifications, bill of materials, and connection reports. Wire run and circuit trace reports and logical schematic drawings can be automatically created. Engineering calculations can also be performed, including calculation of loss budget by wavelength and performing other types of analyses.

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