Design and Document Inside Plant for Communications Networks

Features List
Setup and Configuration
  • Easy-to-use GUI for equipment definition
  • Pre-configured library included
  • Ensures use of engineering standards in design
  • Configure frames, equipment, slots, and ports
  • Copy frame/rack assemblies for easy replication of equipment
  • Validation rules
  • Properties
  • Card in proper equipment
  • Card in proper slot
  • Equipment placement in racks
  • Air spaces between equipment
  • Port mapping through equipment
  • Connection rules
  • Jumper cable-to-port consistency
  • Port-to-port consistency
Design and Layout
  • Work organized by project or work order
  • Design or import floor plans in MicroStation
  • Drill down through progressive levels of floor plan detail
  • Simple drag and drop equipment placement
  • Edit equipment properties
  • Automatic generation of rack elevations (front and back views)
  • Use MicroStation to add additional work instructions or details
  • Equipment state and port connectivity graphically depicted by color
  • Actively establish connections inside building or to outside plant
  • Generate connections report
  • Maintain connections while copying or moving equipment and frames
Engineering Documentation
  • Wire run reports
  • Circuit trace reports
  • Automatically generated schematics
  • Rack elevation views (front and back)
  • Connectivity reports by service
  • Equipment properties such as noise level, power consumption, and HVAC requirements
  • Equipment specifications
  • Bill of materials
  • Connection report through entire facility to customers served
  • Rack requirements for power and HVAC
Engineering Calculations
  • Engineers define parameters
  • Specification file may be saved for re-use
  • Loss budget analysis
  • Optical coupler optimization
  • Laser, splitter definition
  • Splice, cable, and connector loss definition
  • Define parameters by device or globally
  • Perform calculations on one or all nodes
  • Reports
  • Laser loss budget
  • Laser connections
  • Node levels
  • Node connection
  • Engineering calculations BOM
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