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Bentley Communications Architecture

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Bentley communications solutions were designed to allow a substantial degree of choice and flexibility in configuration and in the data sources that can be utilized. This makes them ideal for organizations of any size. Choose to implement the two-tier configuration and grow into the enterprise configuration or choose the enterprise configuration from the outset. The architecture diagram above illustrates the wide range of data sources that can be used in building the intelligent network model and applications that make use of it; Bentley Fiber, Bentley Copper, Bentley Coax, Bentley Inside Plant, and Bentley Communications PowerView.  

Designed for Flexibility and Growth
Bentley understands that different tasks and workflows require different approaches and yet common standards are critical to infrastructure applications. That’s why we’ve designed our solutions to allow use of the same feature model and products with your choice of three types of persistent datastores. Choose the one that’s right for the job. Our applications work with self-contained, intelligent DGN files with embedded properties and metadata, standard DGNs and an Oracle database, or with Oracle Spatial. The self-contained DGN files are ideal for applications that typically work in a disconnected mode, such as PowerMap Field for Communications. The database options allow you to integrate our solutions into virtually any IT environment.

We offer interoperability with a variety of industry standard formats at the desktop or server level, including those from ESRI, MapInfo, Google Earth and others. Our OSS Connector technology allows you to share the network model with upstream and downstream OSS.

The Bentley Geospatial Server lies at the heart of the enterprise configuration and facilitates Bentley’s federated approach to managing the broad range and vast amounts of information used in communications enterprises. 

Federated Information Management

Bentley is leading the way in pioneering a unique approach to information management that allows users to choose how and where they will store data in a wide range of industry standard formats and databases. The Geospatial Server manages the intelligent network model in the GIS along with related information such as construction plans, schematics, reports, bills of materials, and more.

Our architecture allows data to remain in its native form, yet provides efficient search and query based on principles similar to Google.  This lets users find everything they are looking for without the need for costly conversions.  The architecture accommodates all sizes of organizations, providing for large-scale implementation or for small workgroups that can scale up for collaborative use in many distributed remote sites.

Empowering Users through Data Sharing

Geo Web Publisher for Communications is an easy-to-implement, high-performance Internet server that publishes the intelligent network model and associated information to a Web browser. This empowers many types of users with immediate access to the latest and most accurate network information, ensuring the best decisions are made throughout the Communications enterprise.

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