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Proven Technology for Designing and Sustaining Transportation Infrastructure

Bentley's PowerCivil gives engineers the flexibility to work the way they want with the power they need to complete their infrastructure projects. It provides complete drafting capabilities, powerful mapping tools, and design automation for civil transportation professionals.

PowerCivil features constraint-driven, 3D parametric modeling with an innovative approach to designing civil components in a total-project context.

  • Offers single installation and/or upgrade
  • Reduces training needs and learning curve with user-friendly interface
  • Eliminates CAD-application synchronization issues
  • Makes it easy to plot, create PDFs, and more
  • Provides one-stop support
  • Supplies CAD, road, site, GIS, mapping, storm, survey, and bridge layout in one application
  • Includes built-in rendering and visualization tools
  • Runs on existing hardware – no need to purchase new hardware
  • Frees unused CAD seats for other users
  • Provides proven civil engineering and transportation design tools

PowerCivil for "Country"

*Learn more about PowerCivil for your country, now featuring OpenRoads technology!

Europe Latin America Middle East and Africa
PowerCivil for Baltics Baltics* PowerCivil for Brazil Brazil* PowerCivil for Middle-East Middle East*
PowerCivil for Benelux Benelux* PowerCivil for Latin America Latin America* PowerCivil for South Africa South Africa*
PowerCivil for Czech Republic Czech Republic* PowerCivil for Turkey Turkey*
PowerCivil for DACH DACH* North America
PowerCivil for Denmark Denmark* All North America Road Solutions
PowerCivil for Finland Finland*
PowerCivil for France France*
PowerCivil for Italy Italy*
PowerCivil for Poland Poland*
PowerCivil for Russia Russia*
PowerCivil for Spain Spain*
PowerCivil for Sweden Sweden*
PowerCivil for UK and Ireland UK and Ireland*



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