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Navigator Mobile

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Navigator Mobile

Review 3D models and documents on the iPad

Navigator Mobile provides powerful review capabilities to intuitively navigate 3D architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) models and documents. With Navigator Mobile, users can view relevant object information to identify and resolve conflicts, and ensure construction meets model specifications. Navigator Mobile utilizes next generation i-models, which can include content from virtually any common AEC design application. Users can publish i-models using Navigator Mobile Publisher, available on SELECTservices, and access them through ProjectWise Explorer Mobile or Field Supervisor.

Navigate in 3D using ‘game-like’ touch gestures to walk, fly, and zoom, or analyze objects in the model by reviewing the properties of a selected object, query to find similar objects, or filter to display only objects that match specific properties. Interactive features enable users to create clear, precise views to easily access model objects and underlying information needed for the task at hand.

NEW! Navigator Mobile now offers the following features in the latest release:

  • More precisely control the display of your model by turning on and off levels and models
  • Selectively turn on the display of previously hidden objects
  • Set your location in the model based on your current location
  • Move your device to navigate around in the model
    • Note: You will need to republish your i-models with the latest Navigator Mobile Publisher in order to use the location based navigation tools.

Highlighted Features

  • Isolate an element to hide everything except the object of interest
  • Create a section of the model for a vertical, horizontal, or box view of a specific section
  • Add URLs to an object to quickly reference related information


  • Navigate AEC models in 3D
  • Interactively query object properties
  • Measure distances and objects

Navigator Mobile

Navigator Mobile
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