Tokyo International Airport Re-expansion Project

Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan
2012 Be Inspired Award Winner - Innovation in Offshore Engineering

The new JPY 600 billion D-runway at Tokyo International Airport is needed to accommodate growing demand and provide additional arrival and departure slots. With limited space, the only option is to build into the sea on an island 3,120 meters long with a 1,100-meter-long steel jacket-type pier. The first to be used in construction of airport infrastructure, the jacket structure is 520 meters wide, has an area of 520,000 square meters, and comprises 198 separate units.

Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering performed detailed design and led the five-year construction phase. SACS was used to conduct the complex fatigue analyses for the jacket units ‒ totaling nearly 40,000 checkpoints ‒ in just six months. Automatic calculation of stress concentration factors shortened the time required, and material take-offs allowed quantity estimates to be made immediately upon completion.

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Credit: Joint Venture Group for D-Runway Construction in Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) Re-expansion Project.

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