Instant Access to Fire-Flow Results

Barwon Region Water Corporation

Geelong, Australia
2011 Be Inspired Award Finalist - Innovation in Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Networks

Barwon Region Water Corporation (Barwon Water) serves an 8,100-square-kilometer area in Victoria, Australia. The company receives as many as eight requests per week for flow and pressure reports from building owners who need to meet fire protection standards. Creating a flow and pressure information layer in the Barwon Water GIS enabled the company to instantly respond to customer requests.

The system integrates WaterGEMS with the Oracle-based GIS database. WaterGEMS automates fire-flow analysis on each node and results are exported to Oracle with the ModelBuilder tool. This information is the basis for the flow and pressure layer. Two-way integration allows modeling results to be shared through the GIS. The system cuts production time for each hydraulic simulation and report from two hours to minutes, saving an estimated $356,000 over three years.

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