User Stories


About Bentley User Stories

The users of Bentley software encompass engineers and architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, owner-operators, government agencies, educators, and students from around the globe. Through our annual Year in Infrastructure publication, Project Showcases, Be Inspired Project Portfolios, and user case studies, we highlight Bentley users’ best practices and innovative application of technology and delivery methods on projects that sustain infrastructure, the global economy, and the environment for improved quality of life.

The Year in Infrastructure

Read about some of the world’s most innovative infrastructure projects in The Year in Infrastructure. This publication showcases the extraordinary work of Bentley users who are sustaining the world’s infrastructure. It highlights the imagination and technical mastery of the organizations that created them.

The Year in Infrastructure Showcases

Special edition versions of The Year in Infrastructure.

Be Inspired Project Portfolios

Bentley's Be Inspired Project Portfolios features the extraordinary winners and finalists in Bentley’s annual awards competition. Through these portfolios of exemplary project achievements, Bentley shares innovative best practices with the architects, engineers, constructors, geospatial professionals, and owner-operators who sustain the world’s infrastructure.

Case Studies

Bentley users are doing extraordinary work improving and sustaining the world’s infrastructure. These projects set benchmarks and showcase the imagination and technical mastery of the organizations that created them. Read and discover how these Bentley users accomplished success with some of the most innovative projects in the world.