About Bentley's Communities:

Share and learn with other infrastructure professionals, educators, and students through Bentley’s many Communities.

Bentley User Groups

Bentley User Groups represent a community of Bentley software users around the globe dedicated to sharing ideas and increasing members’ expertise in applying Bentley solutions and products. The groups hold regular events – ranging from evening gatherings to three-day training conferences that include lectures, hands-on workshops, and networking.  Learn more.

Bentley LEARNing Conferences

Bentley LEARNing Conferences provide an opportunity for focused learning through hands-on workshops and info-packed sessions that will help you get the most out of your Bentley software in the shortest possible time. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with industry peers and Bentley experts, benefiting from the opportunity to ask specific questions and get the answers you need.  The best part, no registration fee for Bentley LEARN and Enterprise License Subscribers!  Learn more.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Bentley’s SIGs connect like-minded Bentley users through monthly virtual gatherings to learn and share skills, best practices and workflows on specific Bentley products.  This one-hour session allows you to gain access to exclusive content and Bentley experts for an interactive discussion that can help you get the answers and tips you need to drive efficiency, speed, and quality improvements to your projects. Read more.

Bentley Academic Program

With the future of the infrastructure industry depending on today’s students, Bentley’s Academic Program provides the necessary resources for the success of educators and students. Offerings include an Academic SELECT Subscription, personal software licensing, online training, networking, and academic competitions and events. Bentley also offers an innovative Adopt-a-School program to connect industry professionals with academia. Learn more.

Social Media

Bentley has a strong presence on the major social media sites with over 100,000 fans & followers from all over the globe.  Read more.

Bentley Communities - Forums, Blogs, and More

Bentley's online Communities provides users with a destination where they can interact with other users as well as Bentley colleagues who have knowledge and expertise with products, projects, disciplines and industries similar to their own, providing access to information that enables them to become more proficient at what they do. Read more.

Bentley Mentors

Bentley Mentors helps tomorrow’s professionals engage in the mentoring process. Together we strive to "inspire future infrastructure leaders by promoting and supporting mentorship in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)."