MicroStation PowerDraft V8i Free Student Download


  Premier 2D / 3D Drafting and Detailing Software for Students

MicroStation PowerDraft is the premier application for the production of all types of project documentation for engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owners who need to document, detail, and map infrastructure projects—and is available free for students.

As a companion product to information modeling products from Bentley and others, MicroStation PowerDraft users can easily and reliably incorporate existing data and document projects of any scale in order to produce precise physical and digital deliverables.

Its unmatched fidelity working with DWG and DGN data and extensive interoperability support for other data types like point clouds, geospatially referenced data, and raster imagery ensures that users can work seamlessly with an entire project team incorporating any information into their final hardcopy and digital deliverables.

MicroStation PowerDraft Free Student Download

Supporting academic institutions, educators, and students is part of our mission at Bentley, to help prepare students for their future infrastructure careers.

To help sustain your teaching and learning efforts, we are pleased to provide the Academic community with a complimentary personal copy of MicroStation PowerDraft—the same software used by professionals in real-world projects.

Also available is a student guide, to help you learn and use this software to create your own project designs.

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Download your Student Course Guide for MicroStation PowerDraft (English only)

Important Note:  During the installation process, MicroStation PowerDraft V8i is automatically activated but still requires an Internet connection to post its daily usage as part of the licensing agreement. MicroStation PowerDraft
V8i will run for up to 30 days without an Internet connection. After that, it deactivates and reverts to its 15-minute timeout demo mode.

To Reactivate MicroStation PowerDraft V8i: First, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Start MicroStation PowerDraft V8i in its 15-minute demo mode. Once the program is open, select Utilities menu > License Management. In the License Management dialog box, select Tools menu > Send Logs Now. MicroStation PowerDraft V8i reactivates and will continue to work as long as it is connected to the Internet at least once every 30 days.