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Baihetan Hydroelectric Power Station Project

Baihetan Hydroelectric Power Station Project

Yunnan, China

The Baihetan hydroelectric power station is located just upstream of the Yangtze River on the Jisha River in Yunnan province. The 18.8 billion-cubic-meter storage capacity and 12,000 megawatts of installed capacity make it only slightly smaller than the Three Gorges hydroelectric power station. Along with the Three Gorges project, Baihetan is part of a strategic initiative to meet China’s growing demand for power by building cascading power stations on the Yangtze River.

To assure the success of the Baihetan hydroelectric power station, ECIDI initiated a one-year pilot project – the Longkaikou hydroelectric power station with an installed capacity of 1,800 megawatts – which demonstrated the advantage 3D design solutions provided. ECIDI used 3D modeling and ProjectWise for the Baihetan project and drafted the 3D design technical standard to standardize design, including seed file, font, level, workspace, template, ProjectWise structure, and authority.

Using Bentley solutions, ECIDI completed the milestone design and corresponding drawings, power plant and diversion works comparisons, dam position comparisons, complex underground cavern groups design, dam parametric design, complex cut-and-fill design, and integration of 3D geological and design information. Bentley products greatly enhanced efficiency, which allowed more time to optimize the design.

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