We are Unique


We are Unique

Bentley colleagues are professional, knowledgeable, energetic, and motivated individuals. We work hard to sustain Bentley, and we also work hard to sustain our communities by getting involved and giving back. 

Through a recent informal colleague survey, we learned a little more about the various activities and talents of our nearly 2800 colleagues. After reviewing the responses, it comes as no surprise that when answering the question “What keeps you at Bentley,” the number one response was “My Colleagues.” At Bentley, you are truly surrounded by “the best of the best.”

Here is a quick glance at who we are, not just as professionals but as people! 

We are Artists - Many colleagues express their creative talents through a broad variety of the arts and have had their artwork displayed in galleries and local competitions.

We are Educators - An impressive number of colleagues reported having spent their free time teaching children at churches as well as writing educational textbooks and traveling to various countries to educate poor and orphaned children.

We are Hikers and Mountain Climbers - Hiking was among the most popular hobbies. We even have one colleague who has climbed to the 8th highest peak in the world, Nanga Parbat in Pakistan!

We are Innovators - Our colleagues have been recognized by their peers for their work, creativity, and dedication within trade associations as well as professional and industry specific organizations.

We are Musicians - Collectively, the most popular instruments played by Bentley colleagues are the guitar and the piano. Colleagues aren’t shy either; many showcase their talents in local bands, orchestras, and church choirs.

We are Outstanding Volunteers - A volunteer of the year is in our midst as well as hundreds of volunteers that spend their time locally and internationally mentoring children, building houses, coaching youth sports teams, working for the local fire company, helping neighbors, and much more. 

We are Published Poets and Writers - Numerous colleagues have had their work published in magazines, written their own books, and have had their poems featured in collections.