Hard Work is in Our DNA


Hard Work is in Our DNA

“We focus on issues that cannot be solved by simple solutions.  Rather than competing on price, we compete on value. … Delivering that value requires, and rewards, the best from every colleague in every role at Bentley.”
- Keith Bentley, Chief Technology Officer

We refer to everyone who works at Bentley as “colleagues” instead of employees. Colleagues recognize that their commitment to the company is not restricted to their specific work function or job description, but colleague is used to express the real spirit of doing more than their specific job or department asks of them. Bentley uses the word colleague to represent mutual respect, loyalty, and trust.

Bentley colleagues are by far our most significant asset, and their zeal to keep learning and performing in jobs they enjoy, doing work that makes a difference in the world, remains our sustainable competitive advantage. We pride ourselves on our ability to build long-term, ongoing and interactive relationships with the people who use Bentley’s products and services, our users. Businesses with “customers” typically focus on one, or an occasional transaction, without developing an ongoing relationship. However, users make a commitment to the application and company, with their time and their approach to learning about the application or product and to expand their usage of the application or product for the benefit of themselves and the organizations that they work for and contribute to. 

“Our position of responsibility – as the leading dedicated information technology provider – has spawned our new resolve to promote the work our users do, and the sustainable benefits for everyone, from investment in infrastructure.”
-Greg Bentley,CEO