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Structural Steel Detailing and Fabrication

Bentley’s ProSteel is a 3D modeling environment for structural steel and metal work supporting your construction and planning tasks.

Working on the AutoCAD and Microstation platform, you get an intuitive and integrated multi-material modeler perfectly suited to layout complex structures, produce shop drawings, assemble all your connections, and manage your bill of materials.

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Structural Steel, Concrete and Rebar Modeling in 45 Mintues




From initial planning and design to assembly, ProSteel is a comprehensive software built by engineers experienced with steel design. Our many years of experience in the field and the close contact with our users has contributed to ProSteel becoming an internationally recognized and important application for 3D structural steel and metal work.

  • Based on standard platforms, both MicroStation and AutoCAD, ProSteel easily lets structural engineers, detailers, and fabricators create 3D models for both concrete and steel.

  • ProSteel provides automatic creation of documentation and details. The open working environment and programming interface supports standardization of the program.

  • The automatic creation of documentation and details increases productivity and therefore profitability. The detailing includes miscellaneous steel such as stairs, handrails, ladders, and circular stairs. The documentation provides 2D drawings from a 3D model, including bills of materials, NC data and PPS data.

  • ProSteel offers integration not only with Bentley products but also with third-party products. This capability eliminates duplication of effort and increases interoperability with other facets of the design chain, including structural analysis and design (such as STAAD and RAM) and plant design (AutoPLANT).

  • ProSteel can be easily customized and standardized due to its flexibility and the programming interface. Workflows are optimized due to this open working environment.

Using ProSteel with ProConcrete enables engineers to design, document, and detail composite structures. The combination of these two products is available under the ProStructures product suite.

Read about seven ProSteel user projects, including project overviews and company profiles.

Learn more about our wide array of structural offerings.

Read about these global structural projects in
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Project: VCM Revamp Plant: Ölsberg 21A, Germany
Production of workshop drawings, GAs, and bills of material for the steel structure with a total weight of approx. 400 tons; 261 drawings were delivered.

courtesy: Condraw CAD

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Project: Lasonos 71 stadium, Greece
The circular stadium offers space for approx. 10,000 spectators. The structural system consists of beams and columns, mainly HEB sections. The height of the largest column is approx. 17 m. The steel structure has a total weight of approx. 830 tons, documented on about 600 drawings.

courtesy: Engineer Dipl. Ing. G. Markogiannopoulos

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Project: Footbridge at Concours Chaulluy and Plagny, France
courtesy: The LEGRAND Company
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Project: Expansion of GAF Materials Corporation expansion. Quakertown, PA, U.S.A.
For this six-level processing tower and silos, weighing over 470 tons, CompuSteel modeled and detailed the structural steel, grating, rail, and stair for the six levels of the tower, the silo platforms, 250’ conveyer truss, and a stair tower. They provided complete material lists, assembly lists, and NC files to aid in fabrication, and also provided complete framing plans and sections for the erection of all steel.

The GAF platforms consists of approximately 135 tons of steel. CompuSteel modeled and detailed all the structural steel, grating, rail, stair, machine and bearing mounting blocks, burner and sand hoods for seven new machine platforms along 300’ of new product line, and provided complete material lists, assembly lists, and NC files to aid in fabrication, along with complete framing plans and sections for the erection of all steel.

Courtesy: CompuSteel Detailing, Inc.

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Project: Hochofenwerk (blast furnace) Hamborn
Capable to produce 6,000 tons of steel per day, the blast furnace has a diameter of 10.74 m. Hoffmann Konstruktionen GmbH was responsible for the engineering of approx. 400 tons of pipes and 600 tons of steel.

Courtesy: Hoffmann Konstruktionen GmbH

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Project: BHP Billiton Rapid Growth 3 Area C Iron Ore Project, Western Australia
The project included the construction of a new primary crusher building, secondary and tertiary crusher building, five bay screening building, scalping and screening building, 38 conveyors and associated transfer stations and sample station buildings, representing in excess of 7,000 tons of steelwork. The project was primarily completed using ProSteel 3D, in particular to model and detail the more complex mechanical items, including bins, curved trusses, transfer chutes and their liner systems.

Courtesy: PDC Consultants